• Jonathan Weier

    Jonathan Weier is a historian and historical consultant at the Atkinson Foundation. He worked for the NDP for fourteen years.

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  • Tony Weis

    Tony Weis is a professor of Geography at Western University and author of The Global Food Economy.

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  • Lindy West

    Lindy West is a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times. Her work has also appeared in This American Life, the GuardianCosmopolitan, GQVultureJezebel, the Stranger, and others. She is the founder of I Believe You, It’s Not Your Fault, an advice blog for teens, cofounder of #ShoutYourAbortion, and author of Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman.

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  • Boff Whalley

    Boff Whalley is an English musician, writer, and athlete, who is perhaps best known for being the former lead guitarist for the anarcho-punk and folk band Chumbawamba. He is now a playwright and the founder of Commoners Choir, who released their first album in 2017.

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  • Mai’a Williams

    Mai’a Williams is the creator and director of Water Studio, which supports and co-creates with underground community artists and revolutionaries in Cairo, Egypt, and she organizes with the Revolutionary Youth Councils of Cairo, which were among the leading forces during the 2011 ouster of Mubarak. It was her living and working with Palestinian, Congolese, and Central American indigenous mothers in resistance communities, that initially inspired her to become a mother and continues to guide her as she practices this life-giving work called radical mothering. Her essays, short stories and poetry have been published in make/shiftMamaphilesTenaciousPopshotWoman’s WorkLilith Devotional, and Colored Girls. She is the instigator of the Outlaw Midwives movement, zines, and blog, which shifts the discourse around birth, life, death, and healing by offering a vision of radical empowerment and accountability. In 2008, she published the anthology Revolutionary Motherhood, a collection of writing and visual art about mothering on the margins, which became the inspiration for Revolutionary Mothering.

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  • Alexander Wilson

    The late Alexander Wilson was a horticulturalist, journalist, and partner in a landscape design firm. He taught and wrote widely on populr culture, media, and the environment.

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