• Max Haiven

    Max Haiven

    Max Haiven is Research Chair in culture, media, and social justice at Lakehead University. His books include Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power, Cultures of Financialization, and The Radical Imagination.

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  • Eric Hamovitch

    Eric Hamovitch is a Montreal-based journalist who writes regularly on Quebec politics for This Magazine, and is a co-author of two books on the Mulroney government.

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  • Jill Hanley

    Jill Hanley is Assistant Professor in the McGill School of Social Work, where she teaches community organizing, social policy, and applied research.

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  • Ann Hansen

    Ann Hansen served seven years of a life sentence in federal prisons. She is a prison abolition activist and author of Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerrilla.

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  • Andy Hanson

    Andy Hanson retired from teaching to write labour history. He lives in Toronto with his partner. In the 1997 campaign against Premier Mike Harris, he was a member of the local consolidated committee of five teachers’ unions organizing marches and rallies, co-ordinating picket lines, and communicating with members. After the men’s and women’s elementary teachers amalgamated, he was elected ETFO local vice-president and held that position for twelve years. Hanson received his PhD in Canadian Studies from Trent University in 2013.

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  • Jin Haritaworn

    Jin Haritaworn is associate professor of gender, race, and environment at York University.

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  • John-Henry Harter

    John-Henry Harter is a lecturer in history and labour studies at Simon Fraser University. He is an award-winning teacher whose research and teaching focus on both environmental and labour history as well as pop culture. He has published in both academic journals and popular magazines. He lives with his partner and two dogs on the west coast of what we call Canada. When not teaching or writing he is consuming far too much coffee and reality TV.

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  • David Harvey

    Renowned urbanist and geographer David Harvey is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the City University of New York, and one of the most cited social theorists working today. He is a prolific writer, whose wide-ranging work has been pivotal to the theorization of global and urban change.

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