• Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson spent most of his career as Chief Economist and Director of Social and Economic Policy with the Canadian Labour Congress. Since retiring from the CLC in 2012 he has been senior policy adviser to the Broadbent Institute, and spent two years as the Packer Visiting Professor of Social Justice at York University. He is currently an adjunct research professor at Carleton University. He writes a regular column for the Globe and Mail Report on Business and is the author of numerous articles and several books, including Work and Labour in Canada: Critical Issues, which is now in its third edition with Canadian Scholars Press.

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  • Emma Jackson

    Emma Jackson is an organizer for 350.org. and Climate Justice Edmonton.

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  • Fiona Jeffries

    Fiona Jeffries is a writer, educator, and activist working in the autonomist tradition. Her writing, research, and organizing focuses broadly on oppositional thought, anti-violence activism, radical urbanism, and global social justice. She has published essays on feminist social thought, media and gender, urban social change, art and politics, and the role of grassroots communication practices in the production of alternative globalizations. She is the author of Nothing to Lose but Our Fear: Resistance in Dangerous Times and is currently working on a book with Pablo Mendez on urban struggles on the terrain of social reproduction.

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  • El Jones

    El Jones is a poet, professor, community advocate, and prison abolitionist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was the fifth Poet Laureate of Halifax, and the fifteenth Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. She is a co-founder of the Black Power Hour, a radio show collective with prisoners on CKDU 88.1 FM. Her book of poetry and essays about state violence, Canada is So Polite, is forthcoming from Gaspereau Press.

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