• Silvia Federici

    Silvia Federici

    Silvia Federici is a feminist activist and scholar whose writing and political activities have contributed enormously to the broad Autonomist tradition. Known for her intellectual generosity, sharp, nonconformist thought, and searing critiques of capitalist society, Federici’s work has inspired the generation of social activists associated with the rise of the alter-globalization movement.

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  • Susan Ferguson

    Susan Ferguson is associate professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, and the author of Capitalist Childhoods, Anti-Capitalist Children and Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class.

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  • Belén Fernández

    Belén Fernádez, a contributing editor at Jacobin, graduated from Columbia with a BA in political science. She frequently writes for Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, and Jacobin, and is the author of The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work.

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  • Alan Filewod

    Alan Filewod is Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph and a recognized authority on Canada’s theatre history. He has been involved in political theatre for over thirty years.

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  • Robin Folvik

    Robin Folvik

    Robin Folvik (writer) holds a degree in Women’s Studies, has a love for learning, and is currently working on a number of projects focusing on the history of work and workers in British Columbia.

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  • Poh-Gek Forkert

    Poh-Gek Forkert

    Poh-Gek Forkert is a research scientist and toxicologist and has published more than eighty papers and book chapters on the metabolism of toxic chemicals. She has worked with environmental lawyers and citizen groups, and testified at hearings of the Environmental Review Tribunal, most recently at the Paris Pit case. She is professor emerita at Queen’s University.

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  • Craig Fortier

    Craig Fortier (they/them) is a Tkaronto/Toronto based scholar and community organizer. They have worked as a social worker in housing, youth organizing, and non-profit funding organizations while also organizing with migrant justice, queer/trans*, anti-capitalist, and Indigenous solidarity movements. Currently, they are an associate professor in Social Development Studies at Renison University College (University of Waterloo) and are the author of Unsettling the Commons: Social Movements Within, Against, and Beyond Settler Colonialism.

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