• Salim Vally

    Salim Valley is Professor and Director of CERT, Faculty of Education, at the University of Johannesburg and the National Research Foundation – South African Research Initiative’s Chair in Community, Adult and Workers Education. He is co-editor of Education, Economoy and Society and Reflections on Knowledge, Learning and Social Movements: History’s Schools.

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  • Nikki van der Gaag

    Nikki van der Gaag is an independent consultant and writer. She is the author of The NoNonsense Guide to Women’s Rights and Feminism and Men, coauthor of the first State of the World’s Fathers report, and has been the principal author of six of the eight State of the World’s Girls reports published by Plan International.

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  • Andre Vltchek

    Andre Vltchek is an author, filmmaker, investigative journalist, and playwright. He currently lives and works in East Africa, Indonesia, and Japan.

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