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  • Rescuing Free Speech from the Liberals who Claim to be Defending It

    If we leave the defence of free speech to the likes of Todd Gitlin, Matthew Yglesias, and J.K. Rowling, and the rest of the Letter’s signatories, the present crisis of free speech will surely get worse, and the lawlessness of the state will go unchecked by the kind of forceful pushback from the people that we so urgently need right now.

  • Credit Where Credit Is Due: Financial Literacy and the New Ontario Mathematics Curriculum

    At the very heart of teaching mathematics for social justice is the understanding that we are all inextricably linked to each other through economic relationships. There can be nothing more basic than learning to tease apart these relationships to demonstrate that people’s political, economic, and social experiences hinge on a complex tapestry of financial policies and interactions.

  • Sick of the System: #StatusforAll

    After covering production costs, Between the Lines is donating all proceeds of our ebook essay collection, "Sick of the System: Why the COVID-19 recovery must be revolutionary", to the Migrant Rights Network.

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Kevin MacKay is a social science professor, union activist, and executive director of a sustainable community development cooperative. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and when not thinking, reading or writing about social change, can most likely be found in the woods.

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