Between the Lines is a social movement press founded in 1977.

We publish nonfiction books that expose and challenge oppression in our society. We aim to amplify the struggles of Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities; migrants; women; queer folks; and working-class people. BTL is proudly leftwing and the books we publish reflect our activist roots and our commitment to social justice struggles. BTL authors are academics, journalists, artists, and activists—all our authors hope their books will spark political and social change.

As a product of New Left radicalism, BTL embodies the cooperative and democratic ideals of its founders. BTL has no boss, no individual owner; we are run by a small staff and a dedicated volunteer editorial committee. Decisions on what we publish are made by consensus. We publish books not to seek profit, but to document and promote struggles for a better world, challenge the mainstream, and offer readers new perspectives on critical political issues.

Our press is situated in Tkaronto, traditional Wendat, Anishinaabe, and Haudenosaunee territory subject to the Dish with One Spoon treaty. This land was stewarded by the Mississauga of the Credit River and is home to many Indigenous peoples, including the Métis, and those displaced from their homelands by Canadian extractive and other industries. Together we share a responsibility to care for and nurture these lands and to struggle for a better future for the earth and all peoples.

Learn more about our story, or visit our 40th anniversary page.

Editorial Committee

  • Jasmine Abdelhadi
  • Tola Ajao (on leave)
  • Barâa Arar
  • Jonathan Barker
  • Tyler Chartrand
  • Manisha Claire
  • Devin Clancy
  • Amanda Crocker
  • Saima Desai
  • David Gray-Donald
  • Steve Izma
  • Mike Ma
  • David Molenhuis
  • Scott Neigh 
  • Chris Samuel
  • Aparna Sundar
  • Sara Swerdlyk
  • Richard Swift
  • Julie Tomiak (on leave)
  • Melissa Vincent


BTL is proud to be a member of the following associations:

Association of Canadian Publishers

Literary Press Group of Canada

Ontario Book Publishers Organization

Canadian Independent Booksellers Association

Radical Publishers Alliance (co-founder)

International Alliance of Independent Publishers

Publishers for Palestine