• “The movement is a grand ecosystem”

    Read an excerpt of our new climate justice handbook, which sets out the ways (large and small) that you can get involved in direct climate action today. It's on sale all weekend, along with other BTL titles on understanding the climate crisis.

  • Toronto’s Poor: A Rebellious History — now 35% off

    On sale until the end of July.

  • Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

    Supporting the Revolution while critically engaging with it is a delicate balance, David Austin writes.

  • Beach Reads

    They’re a bit heavier in your beach tote, but these deeply thoughtful, engaging reads will have you covered for long, lazy days in the sun.

  • Cancel Canada Day

    As part of #CancelCanadaDay, the next 25 paperback copies of Unsettling Canada sold through our webstore will also come with a free copy of Briarpatch Magazine's award-winning Land Back Issue.

  • Toronto Pride

    From “Gay Day Picnic” in 1971 to flashpoint of anti-police brutality in 2016, Toronto’s Pride Parade has never fully assimilated to the pink-washing, corporatizing, and homonationalist aims of the state. With this reading list, we've rounded up nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from the BTL catalogue and beyond.

  • A repeating collage of different book covers for

    Feminist cities across the world

    Leslie Kern's Feminist City: A Field Guide has been published in nine languages (and counting!). Here's a roundup of the many covers and colours of a reimagined city.

  • Mother’s Day

    Are you a mother? Do you have a mother? These radical books are for you.