• Toronto Pride

    From “Gay Day Picnic” in 1971 to flashpoint of anti-police brutality in 2016, Toronto’s Pride Parade has never fully assimilated to the pink-washing, corporatizing, and homonationalist aims of the state. With this reading list, we've rounded up nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from the BTL catalogue and beyond.

  • A repeating collage of different book covers for

    Feminist cities across the world

    Leslie Kern's Feminist City: A Field Guide has been published in nine languages (and counting!). Here's a roundup of the many covers and colours of a reimagined city.

  • Mother’s Day

    Are you a mother? Do you have a mother? These radical books are for you.

  • May Day 2021

    In honour of this month's Radical May book fair, we're discounting a select reading list on labour organizing, activism, and the politics of work until May 31st. Read on for essential titles to add to your shelf.

  • Our fall catalogue is live!

    Get a sneak peek at eleven new BTL titles, forthcoming this fall.

  • Remembering feminist writer and activist Catherine Macleod

    Between the Lines co-founder Jamie Swift on how Catherine Macleod made history, and told its stories.

  • EXCERPT: Feminist City by Leslie Kern

    It's time to take back the streets, reject police control, and make cities safe for all women, and all residents.

  • Fragments for a Pandemic

    This Black History Month, we're publishing El Jones' powerful chapter from Sick of the System: Why the COVID-19 recovery must be revolutionary