• Nicole Schabus

    Nicole Schabus, Arthur Manuel’s partner in life and work from the local to the international level, continues to teach law in Secwepemc’ulecw. She drafted the first ever Indigenous submissions to international trade tribunals setting out that failure to recognize Aboriginal Title and Rights constitutes a subsidy under international trade law. She also covers international environmental negotiations, with a focus on traditional knowledge. Nicole is passionate about ensuring recognition of Indigenous territorial authority as a way to ensure more environmentally, economically, and culturally sustainable development. Nicole has been travelling the globe studying and working with Indigenous peoples in the Americas, Australia ,and Europe. She is grateful for all the teachings that have been shared with her, that have enabled her to navigate the greatest loss in her life and find her path from here.

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  • Canadians for Tax Fairness

    Canadians for Tax Fairness promotes a progressive tax system, based on ability to pay, to fund the public services and programs required to meet our social, economic, and environmental needs. www.taxfairness.ca

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  • Greenpeace

    Greenpeace is a global network of independent campaigning organizations that use peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

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  • Graphic History Collective

    The Graphic History Collective is made up of activists, artists, writers, and researchers passionate about comics, history, and social change. They produce alternative histories—people’s histories—in an accessible format to help people understand the historical roots of contemporary social issues.

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  • Andaiye

    Andaiye was a Guyanese social, political, and gender rights activist. She was an early member of the executive of the Working People’s Alliance, a founding member of the women’s development organization Red Thread in Guyana in 1986, and an executive member of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action.

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  • The Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights (CFLR) is a national voice devoted to promoting labour rights as an important means to strengthening democracy, equality, and economic justice here in Canada and internationally. CFLR was established and is sponsored by the National Union of Public and General Employees and the United Food and Commercial Workers – Canada.

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  • Zelda Abramson

    Zelda Abramson is an associate professor of sociology at Acadia University. Her areas of teaching and research include methodology, health, and family. As a public sociologist, she strives to combine academic research with social activism. Zelda grew up in Montreal as a child of Holocaust survivors.

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  • Juman Abujbara

    Juman Abujbara

    Juman Abujbara is a social change campaigner, human rights defender, and aspiring philosopher based in Amman, Jordan.

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  • Anthony C. Alessandrini

    Anthony C. Alessandrini is a writer and public educator based in Brooklyn. He is the author of Frantz Fanon and the Future of Cultural Politics; the editor of Frantz Fanon: Critical Perspectives; and the co-editor of “Resistance Everywhere”: The Gezi Protests and Dissident Visions of Turkey. He has also published a poetry chapbook, Children Imitating Cormorants. He teaches English at Kingsborough Community College and Middle Eastern Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center, where he is also a member of the Committee on Globalization and Social Change, and is on the faculty of the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. He is a co-editor of Jadaliyya, a Co-Convener of the International Solidarity Action Research Network (ISARN), and an active member of the Palestine solidarity movement.

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  • Gabriel Allahdua

    Originally from St. Lucia, Gabriel Allahdua worked as a migrant farm worker in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program for four years, from 2012 to 2015, before leaving the program to seek permanent residency in Canada. Now a leading voice in the migrant justice movement, Allahdua is an organizer with Justicia for Migrant Workers and an outreach worker with The Neighbourhood Organization, providing services to migrant workers across southwestern Ontario. He lives in Toronto with his two adult children and his grandson.

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  • Charlie Allison

    Charlie Allison is a writer, researcher, and storyteller based in Philadelphia. Charlie has worked as a gardener, tutor to children with learning disabilities, an English teacher, chess instructor, and as a bureaucrat. He has published short stories in Pickman’s Press, Podcastle, and Sea Lion Press. He currently runs his own website at charlie-allison.com, where the genesis for this book was formed as a series of YouTube videos with the help of Sewer Rats Productions. He is active in the Philadelphia storytelling and mutual aid communities. Charlie is frequently bullied by his cat in the small hours of the morning.

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  • Angele Alook

    Angele Alook is an assistant professor in the School of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at York University. She is a proud member of Bigstone Cree Nation in Treaty Eight territory, where she has carried out research on issues of sociology of family and work, resource extraction, school-to-work transitions, Indigenous identity, and seeking the good life (miyo-pimatisiwin) in work-life balance. Her current research examines a just transition away from fossil fuels. She is an active member of the labour movement and a former labour researcher in the movement.

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  • Fahim Amir

    Fahim Amir is a Viennese philosopher and author. He has taught at various universities and art academies in Europe and Latin America. His research explores the thresholds of nature, cultures and urbanism; performance and utopia; and colonial historicity and modernism.

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  • Irving Andre

    Justice Irving Andre is the author of A Century of Dominican Cricket, Strangers in Suffisant: British West Indians in Curacao, and the biographies of Franklin Baron, Dominica’s first chief minister; Edward Oliver LeBlanc, Dominica’s first premier; and Dr. Desmond McIntyre, Dominica’s first surgeon. Between 1990 and 2002, Andre worked as a prosecutor for the Ontario Ministry of Labour, an assistant crown attorney in Brampton, Ontario, a criminal defence lawyer, and a vice-president of the Ontario Licence Appeals Tribunal. In 2002 he was appointed as a judge in the Ontario Court of Justice where he presided as the local administrative judge in the Region of Peel from 2010 to 2012. In 2012, Justice Andre was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in Brampton, where he currently resides.

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  • Charlie Angus

    Charlie Angus

    Charlie Angus has served as the NDP Member of Parliament for Timmins-James Bay since 2004. In 1985 he formed the Juno-nominated alt-country band Grievous Angels. He became involved in politics through his organizing efforts to stop the Adams Mine garbage proposal and numerous plans to import PCBs to Northern Ontario. He is author/co-author of five books on Northern Ontario life and culture including We Lived a Life and Then Some and Mirrors of Stone.

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