• International Women’s Day

    A flash sale to mark IWD 2024. Get 20% off all books on feminism, women’s movements, and gender politics.

  • Publishers for Palestine: Statement of Solidarity

    We invite publishers, and those who work in publishing industries around the world, who stand for justice, freedom of expression, and the power of the written word, to sign this letter and join our global solidarity collective, Publishers for Palestine.

  • Ten years since Mégantic: the sad telling of a perfect capitalist story

    To mark the tenth anniversary of the tragic train derailment in the Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic, we share an excerpt from A Train in the Night, a graphic novel about the disaster written by Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny and illustrated by Christian Quesnel. 

  • Music, Film, and Political Deadlock in Cuba

    Author Karen Dubinsky describes a recent visit to Cuba amidst its political polarization.

  • Introducing our spring books

    Here’s a sneak peek at seven forthcoming titles coming out in the spring.

  • Intimate Wartime Choices

    Suzanne Evans, author of The Taste of Longing, reflects on the mementos and human experiences of war, displacement, and internment.

  • Forty-five years of reading between the lines

    We are celebrating our 45th anniversary as a radical book press this week! Here's a look back on some of our early publications.

  • Rebel Music

    Author Daniel McNeil presents a a playlist to accompany his book, Thinking While Black. A collaboration with Alador Bereketab (associate producer of the Black Studies Podcast), the playlist transmits some of the songs that have provoked the creative artistry and activism of soul rebels, Black Atlantic intellectuals, and planetary humanists.