• Decolonization is not a holiday

    A day for Truth and Reconciliation is a good gesture, but the work of decolonization needs to happen all year, every year.

  • “The movement is a grand ecosystem”

    Read an excerpt of our new climate justice handbook, which sets out the ways (large and small) that you can get involved in direct climate action today. It's on sale all weekend, along with other BTL titles on understanding the climate crisis.

  • Cancel Canada Day

    As part of #CancelCanadaDay, the next 25 paperback copies of Unsettling Canada sold through our webstore will also come with a free copy of Briarpatch Magazine's award-winning Land Back Issue.

  • A repeating collage of different book covers for

    Feminist cities across the world

    Leslie Kern's Feminist City: A Field Guide has been published in nine languages (and counting!). Here's a roundup of the many covers and colours of a reimagined city.

  • May Day 2021

    In honour of this month's Radical May book fair, we're discounting a select reading list on labour organizing, activism, and the politics of work until May 31st. Read on for essential titles to add to your shelf.

  • Our fall catalogue is live!

    Get a sneak peek at eleven new BTL titles, forthcoming this fall.

  • 43 years of books without bosses

    Today we're celebrating our 43rd anniversary with a 50% off sale on Books Without Bosses, a graphic history of the press.

  • An abortion gone wrong in “Toronto The Good”... in 1875

    Jeannie’s Demise illustrates the devastating price a Toronto woman could pay to end a pregnancy at a time when abortions were outlawed in Canada and providers—whatever their skills—were driven underground.