• Rebel Music

    Author Daniel McNeil presents a a playlist to accompany his book, Thinking While Black. A collaboration with Alador Bereketab (associate producer of the Black Studies Podcast), the playlist transmits some of the songs that have provoked the creative artistry and activism of soul rebels, Black Atlantic intellectuals, and planetary humanists.

  • “The movement is a grand ecosystem”

    Read an excerpt of our new climate justice handbook, which sets out the ways (large and small) that you can get involved in direct climate action today. It's on sale all weekend, along with other BTL titles on understanding the climate crisis.

  • A sneak peek at our fall books

    We've paired each of our forthcoming fall books with a backlist favourite.

  • Bringing sexual harassment into the light of day

    Julie Macfarlane (Going Public) in conversation with Bonnie Robichaud, author of the newly published memoir It Should Be Easy to Fix.

  • Fake news around the dinner table

    A four-step guide to talking to friends and family about disinformation this holiday season.

  • Vimyism is alive and well in post-Harper Canada

    How will September 30, the new National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, stack up against November 11? Plus: an anti-war reading list, on sale from now til Thursday.

  • Hamilton is facing a defining moment in its history

    An excerpt from Stephen Dale's Shift Change: Scenes from a Post-industrial Revolution.

  • Decolonization is not a holiday

    A day for Truth and Reconciliation is a good gesture, but the work of decolonization needs to happen all year, every year.