• Cancel Canada Day

    As part of #CancelCanadaDay, the next 25 paperback copies of Unsettling Canada sold through our webstore will also come with a free copy of Briarpatch Magazine's award-winning Land Back Issue.

  • A repeating collage of different book covers for

    Feminist cities across the world

    Leslie Kern's Feminist City: A Field Guide has been published in nine languages (and counting!). Here's a roundup of the many covers and colours of a reimagined city.

  • May Day 2021

    In honour of this month's Radical May book fair, we're discounting a select reading list on labour organizing, activism, and the politics of work until May 31st. Read on for essential titles to add to your shelf.

  • Our fall catalogue is live!

    Get a sneak peek at eleven new BTL titles, forthcoming this fall.

  • 43 years of books without bosses

    Today we're celebrating our 43rd anniversary with a 50% off sale on Books Without Bosses, a graphic history of the press.

  • An abortion gone wrong in “Toronto The Good”... in 1875

    Jeannie’s Demise illustrates the devastating price a Toronto woman could pay to end a pregnancy at a time when abortions were outlawed in Canada and providers—whatever their skills—were driven underground.

  • A shock to the neoliberal system

    Well-known activist and organizer John Clarke predicts a volatile future, where raised expectations are pitted against an ongoing neoliberal restructuring of society.

  • “Enjoy your homes. Enjoy your food. There is nothing that can take their place.”

    I am writing just ahead of Thanksgiving. Many of us will be lucky enough to celebrate the harvest with a joint of fowl or a fatted cauliflower. The question is, who will be at the table with us on a holiday meant to be spent with friends and family?