The Fire and the Ashes

The Fire and the Ashes

Rekindling Democratic Socialism

By Andrew Jackson



Available for purchase on May 31st, 2021

In The Fire and the Ashes, long-time union economist and policy analyst Andrew Jackson looks back on a fascinating career in the labour movement and left politics, combining keen historical analysis with a political manifesto for today.

As one of the few trade union economists in Canada, Jackson brings a unique insider perspective and decades of experience to bear on critical reflections on the failures of neoliberalism, the waning and recent renewal of the democratic socialist tradition, and the changing fortunes of the NDP.

What plays out is a battle of ideas fought by Jackson and the wider left—one meant to rekindle both political veterans and a new generation of activists who believe that a true democracy cannot exist with great inequalities of wealth and political power, and that social ownership and public investment must be brought squarely into the mainstream.

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