On Power and Ideology

On Power and Ideology

The Managua Lectures

By Noam Chomsky


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One of Noam Chomsky’s most accessible books, On Power and Ideology is a product of his 1986 visit to Managua, Nicaragua, for a lecture series at Unversidad Centroamericana. Delivered at the height of U.S. involvement in the Nicaraguan civil war, this succinct series of lectures lays out the parameters of Noam Chomsky’s foreign policy analysis.

The book consists of five lectures on U.S. international and security policy. The first two lectures examine the persistent and largely homogenous features of U.S. foreign policy, and overall framework of order. The third discusses Central America and its foreign policy pattern. The fourth looks at U.S. national security and the arms race. And the fifth examines U.S. domestic policy.

These five talks, conveyed directly to the people bearing the brunt of devastating U.S. foreign policy, make historic and exciting reading.

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A rigorous exposition [of] the logic of U.S. foreign policy.

The Nation

Highly persuasive writing.



Preface to the new edition
Lecture 1 The Overall Framework of Order
Lecture 2 Containing Internal Aggression
Lecture 3 Our Little Region Over Here
Lecture 4 National Security Policy
Lecture 5 The Domestic Scene
Bibliographical Notes