Rogue States

Rogue States

The Rule of Force in World Affairs

Second edition

By Noam Chomsky


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In this still-timely classic, Noam Chomsky argues that the real “rogue” states are the United States and its allies. Chomsky turns his penetrating gaze toward U.S. involvement in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America to trace the enduring combined effects of military domination and economic imperialism on these regions.

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Nothing escapes [Chomsky’s] attention… [Rogue States is] wonderfully lucid.

– PeaceWork

Noam Chomsky is like a medic attempting to cure a national epidemic of selective amnesia…. [Rogue States is] a timely guide to the tactics that the powerful employ to keep power concentrated and people compliant…. Chomsky’s work is crucial at a time when our empire perpetually disguises its pursuit of power under the banners of “aid,” “humanitarian intervention,” and “globalization.” Americans have to begin deciphering the rhetoric. Chomsky’s a good place to start.

– Village Voice

World-famous MIT linguist [Noam Chomsky] has long kept up a second career as a cogent voice of the hard left, excoriating American imperialism, critiquing blinkered journalists and attacking global economic injustice…. [In Rogue States] Chomsky has delivered another impressive argument that the U.S. flouts international law when it finds it convenient to do so.

– Publishers Weekly


Preface to the new edition
1 Rogues' Gallery: Who Qualifies?
2 Rogue States
3 Crisis in the Balkans
4 East Timor Retrospective
5 "Plan Colombia"
6 Cuba and the US Government: David vs. Goliath
7 Putting on the Pressure: Latin America
8 Jubilee 2000
9 "Recovering Rights": A Crooked Path
10 The United States and the "Challenge of Relativity"
11 The Legacy of War
12 Millennium Greetings
13 Power in the Domestic Arena
14 Socioeconomic Sovereignty
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