Rejecting America and Finding the World

By Belén Fernández


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Che Guevara left Argentina at 22. At 21, Belén Fernćndez left the U.S. and didn't look back. Alone, far off the beaten path in places like Syria and Tajikistan, she reflects on what it means to be an American in a largely American-made mess of a world.


I doubt there’s another journalist quite like her. Even the valiant Marie Colvin had a fixed address in London. Not only that, but Fernández’s prose is so incisive, pithy, powerful, and often funny, I feel like an interloper when trying to convey her words using my own.

– Counterpunch

This is hardcore, down-dirty travel and travel writing. A personal Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. A new and powerful form of nonfiction, a primer.

– The Eurasia Review

One of the most poignant, searing, and, at times, deadpan critiques of the United States and its mass media that I have ever read… An extraordinary and unorthodox travelogue.

– Los Angeles Review of Books

Laced with strychnine …This is not a travel book for the faint-hearted.

– Eurasia Review

Relentlessly practices an endangered, if not nearly extinct, species of journalism: dissident anti-imperialist muckraking.

– Middle East Eye


1. Beginnings
2. Lebanon
3. Honduras
4. Turkey
5. Italy and Beyond
6. Onward