Community Rights and Corporate Responsibility

Community Rights and Corporate Responsibility

Canadian Mining and Oil Companies in Latin America

Edited by Liisa North, Timothy David Clark and Viviana Patroni


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Canadian mining activity in Latin America has exploded over the past decade and a half. Investors have responded to neoliberal policies of deregulation, privatization, state-downsizing, and export promotion encouraged by leading capitalist nations and international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The result, predictably, has been sharp conflicts between the communities affected by mining and their advocates on one side, and the transnational mining companies supported by the local state and the Canadian government on the other.

This collection, the most comprehensive in the English-language to date, investigates these conflicts in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Contributors address the related sustainable development, community, corporate, legal, and social issues. A valuable contribution to Latin American development studies, this collection will prove of interest to students and specialists in the field, journalists, NGOs, and policymakers.


Chapter 1 Mining and Oil in Latin America: Lessons from the Past, Issues for the Future
Timothy David Clark and Liisa L. North
Chapter 2 Mining and Communities in Peru: Constructing a Framework for Decision-Making
José De Echave
Chapter 3 Regulating Corporate and Community Engagement in a Large Mining Project
David Szablowski
Chapter 4 Bolivia's Amayapampa and Capasirca Mines: Social Resistance and State Repression
Alejandra Roncallo
Chapter 5 Canadian Mining in Neo-Liberal Chile: Of Private Virtues and Public Vices
Timothy David Clark
Chapter 6 EnCana in Ecuador: The Canadian Oil Patch Goes to the Amazon
Nadja Drost and Keith Stewart
Chapter 7 Canadian Mining Operations in Mexico: An Initial Overview
Adriana C. Estrada Ochoa
Chapter 8 Tackling Corporate Complicity: Canadian Oil Investment in Colombia
Scott Pearce
Chapter 9 The Story of Bonanza, Nicaragua: A Gold-Mining Town
Anneli Tolvanen
Chapter 10 Legitimating Plunder: Canadian Mining Companies and Corporate Social Responsibility
Joan Kuyek