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Laura Ellyn speaking on Ginger Goodwin: A Worker’s Friend

  • March 16th, 2016, 7:00pm–8:30pm
  • Octopus Books Centretown 251 Bank St. 2nd floor, Ottawa, ON, Canada

NEW DATE - Wednesday March 16th!

With bright, strong imagery, Ginger Goodwin presents the story of labour activist and martyr Albert “Ginger” Goodwin. This accessible and thoughtful graphic history explores Goodwin’s life, work, and death in the mining communities of Cumberland and Trail, British Columbia. Drawing on local history, and exploring the ways the history of labour organizing affects contemporary movements, Ginger Goodwin is a story that needs to be shared.

“Ginger Goodwin: A Worker’s Friend is brilliant in every way: a close reading of working-class history and a unique comic art style with stunning use of color. In all, this book is a great triumph for the author/artist and for its publisher.” – Paul Buhle, labour historian, editor of Wobblies!, Che, and graphic adaptations of books by Howard Zinn and Studs Terkel

“In her lively graphic history, Ginger Goodwin: A Worker’s Friend, Laura Ellyn offers a fresh personal interpretation of the life of labour socialist Ginger Goodwin and his mysterious death in 1918. It’s heartening to see a new generation and a new medium explore this old Canadian story. Laura Ellyn’s book will delight readers interested in labour activism, World War I, or Vancouver Island’s industrial past.” – Susan Mayse, author of Ginger: The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin

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