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  • Beautiful Rising

    Creative Resistance from the Global South

    Edited by Juman Abujbara, Andrew Boyd, Dave Mitchell and Marcel Taminato  

    The collective wisdom of more than a hundred grassroots organizers from five continents

    Published January 2018

  • What’s Yours is Mine

    Against the Sharing Economy, 2nd Edition

    By Tom Slee  

    The friendly language of sharing, trust, and community masks a darker reality

    Published January 2018

  • Curing Affluenza

    How to Buy Less Stuff and Save the World

    By Richard Denniss  

    Affluenza is that strange desire we feel to spend money we don’t have to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t know. So how do we cure ourselves?

    Published January 2018

  • With Ash on Their Faces

    Yezidi Women and the Islamic State

    By Cathy Otten  

    An intelligent and perceptive book about one of the great tragedies of our age

    Published January 2018

  • Books without Bosses

    Forty Years of Reading Between the Lines

    By Robert Clarke   Illustrated by Kara Sievewright  

    BTL making history for 40 years

    Published October 2017

  • Conform, Fail, Repeat

    How Power Distorts Collective Action

    By Christopher Samuel  

    Using Bourdieu to plan an activist path to victory

    Published October 2017

  • Maththatmatters 2

    A teacher resource linking math and social justice

    By David Stocker   Illustrated by Minnow Holtz-Carriere  

    50 thoughtful and accessible lesson plans that explore the links between mathematics and social justice

    • Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario's Professional Learning and Curriculum Development Award, 2019 (Winner)

    Published January 2017

  • Drawn to Change

    Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle

    By Graphic History Collective   With Paul Buhle  

    Picture this, working class history!

    • Wilson Book Prize, The Wilson Institute for Canadian History, 2017 (Winner)
    • Public History Prize, Canadian Historical Association, 2017 (Winner)

    Published March 2016

  • Unsettling Canada

    A National Wake-Up Call

    By Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson   Foreword by Naomi Klein  

    The history and hopes of Indigenous struggles

    • Canadian Historical Association Aboriginal History Book Prize, 2016 (Winner)

    Published April 2015

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