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  • Fired Up

    Get Fired Up—Young people aren’t apathetic or entitled. Young people are hungry for change and ready for action. Written by young activists from the frontlines of a wide array of social justice movements, the brand new Fired Up series is for all young people who want to know more about what to change and how to change it. Each book provides a short and concise look at the basics and gives readers of all ages the best reasons to get fired up and take action.

    Books in the Fired Up series include:

    Fired Up about Capitalism by Tom Malleson
    Fired Up about Reproductive Rights by Jane Kirby

    Upcoming books in the Fired Up series:

    Fired Up about Healthcare by Julie Devaney
    Fired Up about Student Rights by David Molenhuis
    Fired Up about Feminism by Emma Woolley

  • No-Nonsense Guides

    Small books. Big ideas. No-Nonsense Guides are primers to important issues, written from a critical perspective. These accessible guides–on topics ranging from globalization, green politics and global media to the arms trade, sexual diversity, and animal rights–will appeal to senior high school students, lower level college and university students, and anyone who wants to “sound smart at the water cooler.” They include data and examples from around the world, and are co-published in conjunction with New Internationalist in the UK.

    “For anyone who wants a lucid, factual, reliable guide to some of the most important issues of our time, I strongly recommend you check out the No-Nonsense Guides.” – Howard Zinn, historian, playwright, and social activist

    “A splendid series of pocketable guides to issue politics … rigorously clear.” – The Guardian, London

    “Find out how the world really works.” – George Monbiot

  • Provocations

    Big issues, small packages, cutting-edge thinkers…

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