Between the Lines

Between the Lines

40 years of books without bosses, 1977-2017



  • Fired Up about Capitalism

    By Tom Malleson  

    Shatters the myth that there is no alternative to free-market capitalism

    Published November 2016

  • The Bleeding Edge

    Why Technology Turns Toxic in an Unequal World

    By Bob Hughes  

    Can technology make a more just world possible?

    Published October 2016

  • Showdown!

    Making Modern Unions

    By Rob Kristofferson and Simon Orpana  Foreword by Paul Buhle  

    Which side are you on? A graphic history of organizing

    Published September 2016

  • Propaganda and the Public Mind

    By Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian  

    Reissued titles by Noam Chomsky

    Published May 2016

  • Rogue States

    The Rule of Force in World Affairs

    By Noam Chomsky  

    Reissued titles by Noam Chomsky

    Published May 2016

  • Drawn to Change

    Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle

    By Graphic History Collective  With Paul Buhle  

    Picture this, working class history!

    • Wilson Book Prize, The Wilson Institute for Canadian History, 2017 (Winner)
    • Public History Prize, Canadian Historical Association, 2017 (Winner)

    Published March 2016

  • The Money Crisis

    How bankers grabbed our money—and how we can get it back

    By Peter Stalker  

    A timely deconstruction of the world of money, finance, and banking.

    Published October 2015

  • International Development

    Illusions and realities

    By Maggie Black  

    What “development” actually is - and isn’t.

    Published October 2015

  • Globalization

    Buying and selling the world

    By Wayne Ellwood  

    Our global economy can simultaneously be a force for equality and inequality

    Published October 2015

  • Lunch-Bucket Lives

    Remaking the Workers’ City

    By Craig Heron  

    A fascinating look at working-class life in early twentieth-century Canada

    • Clio Ontario Prize, 2016 (Winner)
    • Fred Landon Award, 2016 (Winner)
    • International Labor History Association, Book of the Year, 2015 (Winner)
    • CAWLS Book Prize for the best book in work and labour studies, 2016 (Winner)
    • Speakers Book Award, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, 2015 (Short-listed)
    • Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, 2016 (Short-listed)

    Published June 2015

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