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Gramsci is Dead

Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements

By Richard J.F. Day  

Gramsci is Dead
  • Paperback / softback

Gramsci’s concept of hegemony casts a long shadow over radical political theory. Yet how far has this theory got us? Is it still central to feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anarchism, and other radical social movements today?

Richard Day shows how most contemporary movements attempt to develop new forms of self-organization that can run parallel-or as alternatives-to existing forms. They follow a logic of affinity rather than hegemony.

From Hegel’s concept of recognition, through theories of hegemony and affinity, to Hardt and Negri’s reflections on Empire, Day translates academia’s theoretical and philosophical concerns to the politics of the street.

  • Paperback / softback, 264 pages
  • ISBN 9781897071038
  • Published September 2005


Day has decided to pick up the pen instead of the Molotov cocktail. The result is this brilliant book.

– Ann Hansen, member of the Squamish Five and author of Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Chapter 1 Doing It Yourself: Direct Action Currents In Contemporary Radical Activism
Chapter 2 Tracking The Hegemony Of Hegemony: Classical Marxism And Liberalism
Chapter 3 Tracking The Hegemony Of Hegemony: Postmarxism And The New Social Movements
Chapter 4 Utopian Socialism Then...
Chapter 5 ...and Now
Chapter 6 Ethics, Affinity, And The Coming Communities
Chapter 7 Conclusion: Utopian Socialism Again And Again

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