And Sometimes They Kill You

And Sometimes They Kill You

Confronting the Epidemic of Intimate Partner Violence

By Pamela Cross


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Despite decades of activism by feminists and their allies, women and their children continue to be killed by their partners and former partners in shocking numbers, leading the federal government to describe intimate partner violence (IPV) as an epidemic in Canada. Why have we failed to respond effectively to a social problem that affects millions of women and children? 

After working for more than three decades with survivors, frontline workers, and the systems they turn to for help, lawyer Pamela Cross provides an in-depth look at intimate partner violence in Canada. And Sometimes They Kill You: Confronting the Epidemic of Intimate Partner Violence untangles what intimate partner violence is, the barriers to its eradication, and what we could be doing to eliminate those barriers. Told in an engaging and accessible fashion, And Sometimes They Kill You weaves together Cross’ personal experiences and reflections on what she has learned with the heartbreaking stories of victims, survivors, and the alarming but convincing data. Cross offers practical and hopeful ideas for how each of us can engage in the vital work of eradicating intimate partner violence. This a call to action for the all-of-society, revolutionary response to gender-based violence needed to build communities that are safe and healthy for everyone.