Between the Lines

Between the Lines

40 years of books without bosses, 1977-2017

Tom Slee a speaker at The Last But Not Least Feast

  • May 29th, 2016, 10:00am–1:00pm
  • The Boathouse 57 Jubilee Drive, Kitchener, ON, Canada (map)

Have brunch at the Boathouse and enjoy a panel discussion with three great authors, who prove that whoever speaks last is Last But Not Least!

Last But Not Least Feast, a brunch event with creative non-fiction authors Emily Urquhart (Beyond the Pale), Lindy Mechefske (Sir John’s Table), and Tom Slee (What’s Yours is Mine):


Wait. How do we combine Uber and the dangers of the sharing economy, with the folklore of a rare genetic condition, with the meal plan of Canada’s first prime minister? Well if we can combine breakfast and lunch the sky’s the limit!

• …part memoir, part cultural critique and part genetic travelogue,_ Beyond the Pale_ is a brave, intimate investigation into the secret histories that each of us carries in our genes and an inspiring and beautiful memoir about parenting a child with a disability—and building a better future for that child…

• …in a breezy and engaging style, author Lindy Mechefske traces John A. Macdonald’s life through some of the common foods of the day, from mutton, quince, and gooseberries to hare, cow heel, and ox cheek. Along the way, she reveals how to concoct the fried oysters served at the Charlottetown Conference and how a roast duck dinner saved the dominion…

• …What’s Yours Is Mine, technologist Tom Slee argues the so-called sharing economy damages development, extends harsh free-market practices into previously protected areas of our lives, and presents the opportunity for a few people to make fortunes by damaging communities and pushing vulnerable individuals to take on unsustainable risk. Drawing on original empirical research, Slee shows that the friendly language of sharing, trust, and community masks a darker reality…

The Last But Not Least Feast is a collaboration of efforts between Words Worth Books, The New Quarterly, Wild Writers Festival, and The Boathouse.

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