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Between the Lines

40 years of books without bosses, 1977-2017

Outside In: A Political Memoir with Libby Davies (Nelson)

  • August 29th, 2019, 6:30pm
  • Pink Church, 503 Fourth Street (@ Cottonwood), Nelson, BC, Canada (map)

With special guests Cheryl Dowden, Executive Director of ANKORS & Wayne Stetski, MP Hosted by J. Stewart & Jenn Mayberry

Reception and book signing to follow.


“In a time of peak cynicism about the political class, Libby has always been the exception. For decades, she has been a human bridge between the passions of activism and the pragmatism of the electoral sphere. It is no surprise then, that this book is quintessential Libby: principled and brave, full of energy and generosity.” – Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything

“Libby’s memoir isn’t only a personal journey of strength and resilience, but also an incredible story of a passionate social organizer who became one of the finest politicians in Canada. In today’s state of pathetic populism, Libby’s personal political account is an inspiration for citizens looking for real change.” - Monia Mazigh, author of Hope Has Two Daughters

“Libby Davies has spent her whole adult life pushing, cajoling, and persuading on behalf of those without power. Always with compassion and never with malice she went from Downtown Eastside Vancouver activist to be deputy leader of the NDP. This is a great story of a fearless woman.” – Ed Broadbent, former leader of the federal New Democratic Party

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