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Meet author Michael Riordon

  • September 21st, 2014, 12:00pm–
  • Between the Lines/Brunswick Books booth, Word on the Street, Toronto, ON, Canada (map)

Author Michael Riordon will be at the BTL booth at Toronto Word on the Street Festival signing copies of his new book Bold Scientists: Dispatches from the Battle for Honest Science.

In this book Michael Riordon asks deep questions of bold scientists who defy the status quo including: an Indigenous biologist who integrates traditional knowledge and a trickster’s wit; an engineering professor who exposes the myths and dangers of fracking; a forensic geneticist who traces children stolen by the military in El Salvador; a sociologist who investigates the lure and threat of mass surveillance; a radical psychologist who confronts psychiatry’s dangerous power; and a young marine biologist who risks her career to defend science and democracy.

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