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LaHave launch of The Montreal Shtetl by Zelda Abramson & John Lynch

  • June 21st, 2019, 7:00pm
  • La Have River Books, 3421 HWY 331, LaHave, NS, Canada (map)

In their latest work, Zelda Abramson and John Lynch take a close look at the experience of Holocaust survivors in Montreal to tear down the “rags to riches” perception. The Montreal Shtetl: Making Home After the Holocaust draws on more than 60 interviews with survivors, hundreds of case files from Jewish Immigrant Aid Services and other archival documents to present a portrait of the real daily struggles survivors face in their community.

On Friday, June 21, there will be dramatic readings from the narratives in The Montreal Shtetl. After the readings, there will be a Q&A. Book signing will follow the event.

Dramatic readings by:

Deb Beers Michael Corbett Laurel Darnell Richard Donat Anne Greer Allan Haggett Hannah Hutchinson

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