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Jane Kirby talks Reproductive Rights in Victoria

  • July 5th, 2017, 7:00pm–9:00pm
  • pin Hide Map Camas Books & Infoshop 2620 Quadra St, , Victoria, BC, Canada (map)

Join Jane Kirby with musical guest by Sugar Castle. Jane will speaking about Fired up about Reproductive Rights

This event is by donation entry, and bring food if you’d like!

Shattering the myth that the battle for reproductive rights has already been won, Fired Up about Reproductive Rights shows us the many ways our reproductive lives remain subject to state control. From the fight for safe, legal, and accessible abortion services to the fight against coercive sterilization, eugenics, and population control, threats to our reproductive control remain alive and well in our communities. Engaging with the reproductive justice framework advanced by women of colour, the book presents the fight for reproductive rights as contingent with other social justice issues, and forces us to grapple with the weaknesses of the feminist and reproductive rights movement as it exists. Accessible and engaging, this book gives readers the tools to understand–and fight against–contemporary threats to our reproductive rights

Camas Books and Info shop is a volunteer run, non profit, collective used book store. Cama’s is located on unseeded Coast Salish nations land. We strive to create a safe, and radical space.

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