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Erratum and apologies issued for error in Flight & Freedom

It was recently brought to our attention that page 178 of Flight & Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada includes the phrase “Polish SS (Schutzstaffel).” This phrase should read “SS (Schutzstaffel)”. The authors’ intent was to reference the German SS in occupied Poland, not in any way to imply there was a Polish SS. BTL and the authors issued public apologies, posted the apologies on social media and posted the apologies on our websites. For the authors’ site see here. For the BTL website our apology was posted in the media section of the website, and a copy of both apologies and the erratum was posted on the Flight and Freedom page - “extras”).

As promised in our apology letter BTL immediately had an erratum inserted into all of our unsold copies. No copy will go out without one. The new wording will go into the to be released ebook, and all future printings will include the new wording. We also sent erratum to the bookstores that have ordered the book since its release.

Once again we sincerely apologize for any hurt or confusion the original phrasing of the sentence may have caused.

Posted February 10th, 2016

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