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“Drawn to Change” wins Public History Prize

Drawn to Change: Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle by the Graphic History Collective with Paul Buhle has won the Canadian Historical Association’s Public History Prize. The award recognizes work that achieves high standards of original research, scholarship, and presentation; brings an innovative public history contribution to its audience; and serves as a model for future work, advancing the field of public history in Canada.

In Drawn to Change Canadian labour history and working-class struggles are brought to life in this anthology of nine short comics, each one accompanied by an informative preface. Each comic showcases the inspiring efforts and determination of working people who banded together with others to fight to change the world.

The Graphic History Collective said, “This is great news. Our comics show that you don’t need a cape and a pair of tights to change the world; working-class people are important agents of social transformation. Hopefully the recent recognition of Drawn to Change can help popularize that message.”

Drawn to Change was also the recipient of the Wilson Book Prize.

Posted May 31st, 2017

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