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Nothing to Lose but Our Fear, Resistance in Dangerous Times with Fiona Jeffries

  • April 7th, 2015, 7:00pm–8:30pm
  • Octopus Books, 251 Bank St. 2nd Floor, Ottawa, ON, Canada (map)

As the Egyptian revolution gained momentum in the winter of 2011, a common refrain echoed across Cairo’s Tahrir Square: “The wall of fear came down!” Mass protests against fear and authoritarianism have also rumbled across the aggrieved streets and plazas of Tunis, Athens, Madrid, New York City, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Delhi, and beyond. While the scale of these new uprisings may be unprecedented,the refusal of fear is not unique to our time.

Nothing to Lose but Our Fear brings together an international group of scholars and activists (Marcus Rediker, Silvia Federici, David Harvey, Nandita Sharma, John Holloway, Lydia Cacho, Sandra Moran, Gustavo Esteva, and Wendy Mendez) and asks them how can we think critically and act productively in a world awash in fear. Their conversations with Fiona Jeffries provoke consideration of the often hidden histories of people’s emancipatory practices and offer reflections that can help us understand the conjuncture of systemic fear and resistance.

Co-sponsored by The Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies at Carleton University.

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