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Between the Lines

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Deep Diversity launch Portland, Oregon.

  • January 14th, 2016, 5:30pm–7:30pm
  • Process Work Institute, 2049 NW Hoyt St, Portland, OR, United States (map)

“Shakil Choudhury has written a breakthrough book about how to achieve the kind of racial equity that goes far beyond traditional notions of ‘diversity.’” - Rinku Sen, Executive Director, Race Forward, Publisher, Colorlines

What if our interactions with those different from us are strongly influenced by things happening below the radar of awareness, hidden even from ourselves? Deep Diversity explores this question and argues that “us vs. them” is an unfortunate but normal part of the human experience due to reasons of both nature and nurture.

If you’re someone who:

is confused why organizational diversity efforts are often stalled or thwarted; has been part of anti-racism trainings that have gone south; cares about creating more inclusive workplaces and society where strong relationships across difference are possible; is horrified by the recent slew of police shootings in Charleston, Ferguson and Baltimore; is upset about the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women being ignored for so long;

then this book is for you!

Deep Diversity seeks to reframe the debate regarding racism and systemic discrimination in a practical, scientific and compassionate manner. In the author’s own words, “this book is a culmination of twenty years of my experience teaching and learning from thousands of people across four continents, one emotional burnout in my early thirties, and a childhood in small town Canada pretending I was white.”

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