Between the Lines

Between the Lines

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Books – Forthcoming Books

  • Radical Transformation

    Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization

    By Kevin MacKay  

    An unflinching account of the dynamics of inhumanity and ecological destruction

    Coming May 2017

  • Fired Up about Reproductive Rights

    By Jane Kirby  

    Why reproductive rights are a social justice issue that everyone should be fired up about

    Coming May 2017

  • Ottawa and Empire

    Canada and the Military Coup in Honduras

    By Tyler Shipley  

    Exposing imperial Canada’s ugly foreign policy in Honduras

    Coming April 2017

  • Class Privilege

    How Law Shelters Shareholders and Coddles Capitalism

    By Harry Glasbeek  

    If capitalism is so great and capitalists are so good for us, why do they need to hide?

    Coming April 2017

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