Between the Lines

Between the Lines

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Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics

By bell hooks  

  • Paperback / softback

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bell hooks crosses boundaries in major debates on postmodern theory, cultural criticism, and the politics of race and gender. She warns that “discourse” about “difference” is dangerously detachable from more essential struggles.

  • Paperback / softback, 200 pages
  • ISBN 9780921284352
  • Published September 1990


For African-Americans, our postmodern condition is characterized by continued displacement, profound alienation, and despair. This hopelessness creates a yearning for insight and strategies for change that can renew spirits and reconstruct grounds for our black liberation struggle. The overall impact of postmodernism is that may other groups now share with black folks a sense of deep uncertainty even if it is not informed by shared circumstance. Radical postmodernism could be fertile ground for the construction of empathy–ties that would serve as a base for solidarity and coalition.

Postmodern Blackness

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