Year 501

Year 501

The Conquest Continues

Second edition

By Noam Chomsky


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Exploring “the great work of subjugation and conquest” which began with Columbus, in Year 501 Chomsky surveys the history of American imperial power in the ensuing 500 years that followed. Touching on everything from the British in India to the Americans in Beirut, Year 501 is a searing condemnation of the excesses of Western colonial and neo-colonial politics. For those seeking to understand the nature and structure of the imperial project as it reaches down to us today, this work is a vital resource.

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Chomsky’s fierce talent proves once more that human beings are not condemned to become commodities.

– Eduardo Galeano

Year 501 is another awesome achievement by Noam Chomsky. It is a devastating array of information about the U.S. role in the world, placed in the long historical perspective of the 500 years that followed the voyages of Columbus. The result is a wonderful single-volume education in history and world politics.

– Howard Zinn


Preface to the new edition
Part I Old Wine, New Bottles
Chapter 1 "The Great Work of Subjugation and Conquest"
Chapter 2 The Contours of World Order
Chapter 3 North-South/East-West
Part II High Principles
Chapter 4 Democracy and the Market
Chapter 5 Human Rights: The Pragmatic Criterion
Part III Persistent Themes
Chapter 6 A "Ripe Fruit"
Chapter 7 World Orders Old and New: Latin America
Chapter 8 The Tragedy of Haiti
Chapter 9 The Burden of Responsibility
Part IV Memories
Chapter 10 Murdering History
Chapter 11 The Third World at Home
Chapter 12