Won’t Get Fooled Again

Won’t Get Fooled Again

A Graphic Guide to Fake News

By Erin Steuter, Illustrated by Alan Spinney


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“Fake news!” screams Donald Trump from his Twitter account when journalists ask tough questions about his past or present behaviour. Meanwhile, his Fox & Friends fan club makes dubious claims about anyone who challenges his power. Fake news inflames racism, stokes fear, spreads confusion, and undermines democracy.All while CO2 levels continue to rise as “experts” tell us it’s nothing to worry about. But how do we tell which news is real?

In this meticulously researched but accessibly written comic, Erin Steuter shows us how to spot fake news and how to stop it. Won't Get Fooled Again is an engaging examination of the Fake News phenomenon, as seen through the eyes and ears of students, families, shoppers and seniors. No one is safe from its clutches, but there are ways to escape. Using current examples from around the world, this entertaining comic explains the ways that governments, media owners, advertisers, powerful corporations, and think tanks can influence the organization and content of the news media to manipulate voters or reap billions in profits This graphic novel will educate and elucidate.


“This book is just what we need: a fun-filled, accessible guide to the mess we are in and how we might think our way out of it. I can’t think of a better way to undermine the fearmongering and tunnel vision of our times than with a graphic guide like this.”

– Derek Hrynyshyn, author of The Limits of the Digital Revolution: How Mass Media Culture Endures in a Social Media World

“A great inoculation for the innocent, exposing all kinds of well-funded efforts to deceive them.”

– Joel Andreas, author of Addicted to War

“An accessible, helpful, and sadly necessary field guide to the age of mis- and dis-information.”

– Brendan de Caires, executive director of PEN Canada

“Cutting through what is and what isn’t fake news isn’t easy, and Erin Steuter’s work manages to find a way. Engaging, fun and easy to understand, Steuter offers readers tools to navigate both the online and real worlds, and how to see through the spin to catch all the facts.”

– Nora Loreto, freelance writer, activist, and editor for the Canadian Association of Labour Media

Won’t Get Fooled Again is a rich exploration of how and why fake news shapes our politics and our daily lives. It brings to life what might otherwise be a dull subject, transforming the stuff of textbooks into art. By presenting dialogues about the causes and consequences of fake news—by dramatizing the issue—Won’t Get Fooled Again is an engaging read and a valuable teaching resource, especially for young learners.”

– Gregory Shupak, author of The Wrong Story: Palestine, Israel, and the Media

Won’t Get Fooled Again is an accessible and engaging introduction to fake news. Using real examples, Steuter and Spinney explore what fake news is, how it shapes the world around us, and, most importantly, what we can do to combat it.”

– The Graphic History Collective