Women, AIDS and Activism

Women, AIDS and Activism

By The ACT UP/NY Women and AIDS Book Group



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With informative discussion of safer sex and sexuality, HIV testing, treatment, public policy, and activism. A thorough analysis of AIDS issues for women.


Women, AIDS & Activism is a powerfully diverse, informative, and comprehensive patchwork of the ideas, experiences, and emotions of women who live and know the reality of AIDS. The result is a compilation of voices that break the conspiracy of silence around issues of women and AIDS. The authors have created a tool for empowerment as more women begin to participate in this part of the women’s health movement. If you are an AIDS activist, you will see in this anthology many mirrors to your struggle. If you have not yet found your place in the movement, this book will help you find it.

– Byllyle Y. Avery, founding president, National Black Women’s Health Project

A powerful call for compassion and action, this book explodes the deadly silence about women and AIDS.

– Evelyn C. White, editor of

Women, AIDS & Activism is a stunning mix of information, passion, and political savvy. Created by a group of women who have fought together in the streets to say no to government neglect, this book shatters the silence surrounding the many communities of women who are fighting for their lives. Inclusive, angry, practical–and personal, this is a handbook for direct action in our bedrooms and in our communities.

– Joan Nestle, co-founder, Lesbian Herstory Archives

As essential, right-on, radical document that uses feminism as a framework for understanding society, activism, and the real story of people’s lives.

– Sarah Schulman, author of People in Trouble