Water Wars

Water Wars

Privatization, Pollution, and Profit

By Vandana Shiva



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Water is overused and abused globally. According to the World Bank, “the wars of the next century will be about water.” Water usage doubles every twenty years, yet more than thirty countries face water stress and scarcity, and over a billion people lack adequate access to clean drinking water.

At a time when Canadian corporations and politicians are planning the export of our precious resource, this new book by “the world’s most prominent radical scientist” (The Guardian) will provide Canadians with a thorough introduction to the key issues.

Shiva warns that water privatization threatens cultures and livelihoods worldwide. She calls for a movement to preserve water access for all, and offers a blueprint for global resistance.

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Shiva is a burst of creative energy, an intellectual power.

– The Progressive

One of the world’s most prominent radical scientists.

– The Guardian


Introduction Converting Abundance into Scarcity
Chapter 1 Water Rights: The State, the Market, the Community
Chapter 2 Climate Change and the Water Crisis
Chapter 3 The Colonization of Rivers: Dams and Water Wars
Chapter 4 The World Bank, the WTO, and Corporate Control Over Water
Chapter 5 Food and Water
Chapter 6 Converting Scarcity into Abundance
Chapter 7 The Sacred Waters
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