Drone Warfare and Global Security

By Ann Rogers and John Hill


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  • George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature, 2015 (Short-listed)

Drones have become the controversial new weapon of choice for the US military abroad. Unmanned details the causes and deadly consequences of this terrifying new development in warfare, and explores the implications for international law and global peace.

Ann Rogers and John Hill argue that drones represent the first truly globalized technology of war. The book shows how unmanned systems are changing not simply how wars are fought, but the meaning of conflict itself.

Providing an unparalleled account of new forms of twenty-first century imperial warfare, Unmanned shows how drone systems dissolve the conventional obstacles of time and space that have traditionally shaped conflict in the international system. It considers the possibility that these weapons will become normalized in global conflict, raising the spectre of new, unpredictable, and unaccountable forms of warfare.


Important and engaging … A very readable overview of the issues surrounding the growing use of armed unmanned systems.

– Peace News

Rogers and Hill combine thoughtful analysis with a flair for fresh and accessible writing. Their contention that we have entered an era of nano-war is disturbing yet bears serious thought by policymakers, war fighters, scholars and the public alike.

– Christopher Jasparro, co-author of International Conflict Over Water Resources in Himalayan Asia


List of abbreviations
Chapter 1 From Balloons to Big Safari: UAV Development
Chapter 2 The Drone Takes Off
Chapter 3 The UAV and Military Doctrine
Chapter 4 The Consequences of Killing Without Consequences
Chapter 5 Targets: The View From Below
Chapter 6 Unlegal: Justifying a Drone War
Chapter 7 Killer Robots
Chapter 8 From Man O’War to Nano-War: Revolutions in Military Affairs