Trigger Issues: Diamonds

Trigger Issues: Diamonds

By Nikki van der Gaag



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Bling, romance and blood … All are linked by diamonds, the most glittering of prizes—or a symbol of greed, lust and overblown celebrity? How many other symbols of love also fuel violent conflict? At the same time as sparkling innocently in a footballer’s ear, the gems fund some of the worst fighting in Africa. Diamonds are not as rare as we think and they have been mined by virtual slave labour, so why are they so expensive? These simple pieces of carbon have, over centuries, turned into the ultimate “rocks”: desired, possessed, traded, stolen, smuggled and, literally for many, “to die for.” From engagement ring to bling, via mining corporations, free trade and the black market, Trigger Issues—Diamonds reveals the dark stories hidden behind the sparkle.

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Chapter 1 Genesis of the Gem
Chapter 2 Diamonds in the Rough
Chapter 3 Money Matters
Chapter 4 The Dark Behind the Dazzle
Chapter 5 From Ring to Bling
Chapter 6 Are Diamonds Forever?
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