The Ursula Franklin Reader

The Ursula Franklin Reader

Pacifism as a Map

By Ursula Franklin, Introduction by Michelle Swenarchuk


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Feminist, educator, Quaker, and physicist, Ursula Franklin has long been considered one of Canada’s foremost advocates and practitioners of pacifism. The Ursula Franklin Reader: Pacifism as a Map is a comprehensive collection of her work, and demonstrates subtle, yet critical, linkages across a range of subjects: the pursuit of peace and social justice, theology, feminism, environmental protection, education, government, and citizen activism. This thoughtful collection, drawn from more than four decades of research and teaching, brings readers into an intimate discussion with Franklin, and makes a passionate case for how to build a society centered around peace.


Professor Ursula Franklin is a pacifist, an environmentalist, a feminist, and a social thinker remarkable for her originality… In her research and in her social activism, Ursula Franklin has lived the life of a pioneer.

– McGill University citation, honorary degree of Doctor of Science, 2006


Introduction by Michelle Swenarchuk
Chapter 1 The Pursuit of Peace: Pacifism as a Map
Chapter 2 Here and Now: The Technological World
Chapter 3 Coping with and Changing the Technological World
Chapter 4 Teaching and Learning
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