The New Wealth of Nations

The New Wealth of Nations

Taxing Cyberspace

By Arthur J. Cordell, T. Ran Ide, Luc Soete and Karin Kamp, Introduction by Mike McCracken



Information technology is transforming society and economy, especially the workplace. Ways of producing, distributing, and consuming are changing rapidly. Cutting-edge analysts Arthur Cordell and T. Ran Ide argue that economic policy instruments must change as well, if Canadians are to benefit fully.

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We need a much fuller discussion than we have had so far of new revenue sources such as “green taxes,” ecotaxes, Tobin taxes, and bit taxes. This book makes an important and stimulating contribution to that discussion.

– Rod Dobell, Winspear Professor of Public Policy, University of Victoria

Cordell, Ide, and their colleagues set forth their controversial ideas with great clarity and point the way to practical answers to the extraordinarily important puzzle they pose: How to use the new wealth efficiently yet fairly in the governance of modern democracies.

– Harlan Cleveland, President, World Academy of Art and Science