Sisters of the Yam

Sisters of the Yam

Black Women and Self-Recovery

Second edition

By bell hooks



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When Sisters of the Yam was originally released in 1994 it won critical praise and solidified bell hooks’ reputation as one of the leading public intellectuals of her generation. Today, the book is considered a classic in African American and feminist circles. It provides a launching point for much of hooks’ later work.

Tackling such issues as addiction, truth-telling, work, grieving, spirituality, and eroticism, hooks shares numerous strategies for self-recovery that can heal individuals and inspire struggle against racism, sexism, and consumer capitalism.

This new, expanded edition features a wide-ranging interview where hooks speaks to how her work continues and how it has changed. Sisters of the Yam stands apart as a self-help book, she says, because it links self-recovery with political resistance.

In these times of anti-feminist backlash, and with growing rates of depression and HIV/AIDS among black women, this important book offers multiple paths of healing and diverse ways of thinking spiritually.

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Hooks continues to produce some of the most challenging, insightful, and provocative writing on race and gender in the United States today.

– Library Journal


An Interview with bell hooks
Preface Reflections of Light
Introduction Healing Darkness
Chapter 1 Seeking After Truth
Chapter 2 Tongues of Fire
Chapter 3 Work Makes Life Sweet
Chapter 4 Knowing Peace
Chapter 5 Growing Away from Addiction
Chapter 6 Dreaming Ourselves Dark and Deep
Chapter 7 Facing and Feeling Loss
Chapter 8 Moved by Passion
Chapter 9 Living to Love
Chapter 10 Sweet Communion
Chapter 11 The Joy of Reconciliation
Chapter 12 Touching the Earth
Chapter 13 Walking in the Spirit