Sharing the Work, Sparing the Planet

Sharing the Work, Sparing the Planet

Work Time, Consumption, and Ecology

By Anders Hayden



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Anders Hayden explores how the reduction of work time can play an integral role in an alternative ecological vision. Reduced work time will help sustain the environment, and ensure increased employment, social justice, and a high quality of life. Hayden’s ideas challenge the current economic system driven by consumerism.


The struggle over time will be one of the most important arenas for social justice activists in the coming years. An insightful, nuanced, and controversial overview of this issue. It’s well worth reading.

– Jim Stanford, economist, Canadian Auto Workers

If you are wondering how social and ecological agendas can coincide, get hold of this book! Clearly argued, highly informative, it provides an intellectual cornerstone for a post-growth society.

– Wolfgang Sachs, author of Greening the North

This book is highly recommended for public officials, policy-makers, caring business people, and labour and environmental activists; indeed, for anyone seeking political and economic policies that are socially and economically just, and also serve both human and ecological needs.

– Barbara Brandt, U.S. Shorter Work-Time Group, and author of Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life