Premature Bonanza

Premature Bonanza

Standoff At Voisey’s Bay

By Mick Lowe



Premature Bonanza is the story of Bay Street’s greatest running drama: the struggle by Inco Ltd., the world’s largest nickel producer, to bring the Voisey’s Bay nickel deposit in Northern Labrador into production, for the most part against the wishes of the Aboriginal People. Will this $4.3 billion gamble ensure Inco’s —and Labrador’s —role as a low-cost nickel producer well into the 21st century? Or will it spell ruin for the company, the environment, and the people who live there?


Mick Lowe has written a book that puts Aboriginal and human rights issues at the forefront of the Voisey’s Bay debate.

– Carol Lynn Wallace, The Voisey’s Bay & Innu Rights Coalition