Prairie Lives

The Changing Face of Farming

By Lois Ross


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In Prairie Lives Lois Ross documents the strong sense of community, huge responsibilities, and deep love of land that constitute a way of life for farmers. A unique and entertaining vision that runs contrary to the romantic (urban) view of farming.


In Ross’ images, the prairie farmers are always placed within the context of their land, crops, animals and less often, machines. Yet the accompanying text, with its emphasis on the trend towards “agribusiness,” is an eloquent and necessary juxtaposition to the human emphasis of the photographs–a reminder that in documentary, the visual story being told often becomes a call to action.

Photo Communique

This portrait of the Prairie farm community is revealing and warrants attention. The book is well organized with black and white photographs of each farmer displayed on the right-hand page, opposite the farmer’s remarks.

Western People

The photographs are neither sentimental nor strident; they are the book’s most striking feature. But it is the rich, wry, hard-headed voice of the people that clinches the author’s case.

Alberta Report