Plantation Memories

Plantation Memories

Episodes of Everyday Racism

By Grada Kilomba



Plantation Memories is a compilation of episodes of everyday racism written in the form of short psychoanalytical stories. From the question “Where do you come from?” to Hair Politics to the N-word, the book is a strong, eloquent, and elaborate piece, which deconstructs the normality of everyday racism and exposes the violence of being placed as the Other.

Released at the Berlin International Literature Festival in 2008, soon the book became internationally acclaimed and part of numerous academic curricula. Known for her subversive practice of giving body, voice, and image to her own texts, Grada Kilomba has adapted her book into a staged reading and video installation. Plantation Memories is an important contribution to the global cultural discourse.


Chapter 1 The Mask
Chapter 2 Who Can Speak?
Chapter 3 Speaking the Unspeakable
Chapter 4 Gendered Racism
Chapter 5 Space Politics
Chapter 6 Hair Politics
Chapter 7 Sexual Politics
Chapter 8 Skin Politics
Chapter 9 The N-Word and Trauma
Chapter 10 Segregation and Racial Contagion
Chapter 11 Performing Blackness
Chapter 12 Suicide
Chapter 13 Healing and Transformation
Chapter 14 Decolonizing the Self