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Between the Lines

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Party of Conscience

The CCF, the NDP, and Social Democracy in Canada

Edited by Roberta Lexier, Stephanie Bangarth and Jonathan Weier  

Party of Conscience

$27.95 – Available for purchase on September 3rd, 2018

Surveying the field of political history in Canada, one might assume that the politics of the nation have been shaped solely by the Liberal and Conservative parties. Relatively little attention has been paid to the contributions of the CCF and NDP in Canadian politics. This collection remedies this imbalance with a critical examination of the place of social democracy in Canadian history and politics.

Bringing together the work of politicians, think tank members, party activists, union members, scholars, students, and social movement actors in important discussions about social democracy delving into an array of topics including municipal, provincial, and national issues, labour relations, feminism, contemporary social movements, war and society, security issues, and the media, Party of Conscience reminds Canadians of the important contributions the CCF and NDP have made to a progressive, compassionate idea of Canada.

  • Paperback / softback, 280 pages
  • ISBN 9781771133920
  • Coming September 2018

Table of Contents

Ian McKay
Roberta Lexier, Stephanie Bangarth, and Jonathan Weier
Chapter 1: “Not reform, but the replacing of capitalism:” The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation in the 1930s
James Naylor
Chapter 2: Religion and the Rise of the CCF/NDP
John Brewin
Chapter 3: The Labour-Academic “Brain Trust” of the Early CCF, 1930-1950
Jennifer Hassum
Chapter 4: The Rhetoric of Region: Clarence Gillis, the CCF, and the Protection of Atlantic Canada
Corey Slumkoski
Chapter 5: The Left at Home and Abroad: Broadening the Dominant Narrative of Canadian History
Stephanie Bangarth
Chapter 6: Fabianism and the Progressive Left in British Columbia: The “New Party” in Historical Perspective
Robert McDonald
Chapter 7: Waffling in Winnipeg and London: Canada’s New Left and the NDP, 1965-75
David Blocker
Chapter 8: New Leftists, “Party-liners,” and Municipal Politics in Toronto
Peter Graham
Chapter 9: Tommy Douglas, David Lewis, Ed Broadbent, and Democratic Socialism in the New Democratic Party, 1968-1984
Christo Aivalis
Chapter 10: Challenge from Within: The NDP and Social Movements
Roberta Lexier
Chapter 11: From Contender to the Margins and Back: The NDP and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Bill Blaikie
Chapter 12: From Traditional Social Democracy to Third Way: An Assessment of Federal NDP Platforms, 1988-2011
Matt Fodor
Chapter 13: The NDP In Quebec Before and After the Orange Wave
Karl Bélanger
Chapter 14: The CCF/NDP and Populisms of the Left and the Right
Murray Cooke
Chapter 15: Medicare and Social Democracy in Canada
Erika Dyck & Greg Marchildon
Chapter 16: Change the Game: The Social Democracy Project
Jonathan Sas
Chapter 17: Evaluating the 2017 NDP Leadership Campaign
Jillian Ratti
Chapter 18: Social Democracy and the Left in Canada: Past, Present, and Future Contributors

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