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Between the Lines

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Outside In

A Political Memoir

By Libby Davies  

Outside In

$26.95 – Available for purchase on May 7th, 2019

Libby Davies has worked steadfastly for social justice both inside parliament and out on the streets for more than four decades. At nineteen, Davies became a community organizer in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She went on to serve in municipal and then federal politics, advancing to the role of Deputy Leader of the New Democratic Party.

Davies looks back on her remarkable life and career with candid humour and heart-rending honesty. She addresses the challenges of her work on homelessness, sex workers’ rights, and ending drug prohibition. She illuminates the human strengths and foibles at the core of each issue, her own as well as those of her colleagues and activist allies. Davies’ astute political analysis offers an insider’s perspective that never loses touch with the people she fights alongside. Outside In is both a political and personal memoir of Davies’ forty years of work at the intersection of politics and social movements.

  • Paperback / softback, 320 pages
  • ISBN 9781771134453
  • Coming May 2019

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Organize, Organize, Organize
Chapter 2 Jumping The Wall
Chapter 3 Getting into Politics
Chapter 4 Endings, Beginnings
Chapter 5 Off to Ottawa
Chapter 6 Digging In
Chapter 7 Coming Out
Chapter 8 Sex Worker Rights
Chapter 9 My Seat Mate Jack Layton
Chapter 10 Conservative Minority Parliament
Chapter 11 2008-2009 Coalition
Chapter 12 A Rocky Road
Chapter 13 The Closer You Get
Chapter 14 The Long Haul
Chapter 15 2015 Federal Election - Back to Third
Chapter 16 Hope For the Future

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