Legalizing Drugs

Legalizing Drugs

The key to ending the war

By Steve Rolles



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The question is no longer if we should end the war on drugs but how do we do it. This NoNonsense guide counts the human and financial cost of fifty years of drug war – and proceeds to outline a better way, looking at where drug law reform is already working, how to overcome the obstacles to reform, and what a post-drug war world might look like.

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I commend this book to you, and encourage all who read it to join the movement for change and help to end the ruinous war on drugs.

– Cesar Gaviria, former president of Colombia, and member of the Global Commission on Drugs

This book brings a welcome dose of pragmatic realism to a debate long dominated by misplaced ideology and knee-jerk politics.

– David Nutt, Edmond J Safra Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London


1 A brief history of the global ‘war on drugs’
2 Counting the costs of 50 years of drug war
3 What would a post-drug-war world look like?
4 Drug-law reform in practice around the world
5 Obstacles to reform – and how to negotiate them