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Why the world still needs the F-word

By Nikki van der Gaag  

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We were supposed to be in a ‘postfeminist’ age. But recently we’ve seen a resurgence of feminist campaigning among women (and some men). There’s a new brand of feminism: young, social media savvy, militant. But there’s also a new kind of backlash, driven by so-called fundamentalists and by increasingly overt misogyny. This book takes an international perspective on the new feminist movements.

Part of the No-Nonsense Guides series.

  • Paperback / softback, 144 pages
  • ISBN 9781771132961
  • Published February 2017
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  • ISBN 9781771132978
  • Published February 2018


A splendid series of pocketable guides to issue politics … rigorously clear.

The Guardian, London

Table of Contents

Winnie Byanyima
1 Making a little trouble
Calling yourself a feminist
Gains under threat
Many feminisms, not one
Our diversity is our strength
A very brief history of feminisms
2 Feminism: a response to an unequal world
Rising inequalities
Bridging the gender gap: girls’ education
The gender technology divide
Black lives matter
Disability rights and feminism
Feminisms and the tyranny of the binary
Dismantling patriarchy
3 Feminism and the Four Cs: capitalism, conflict, climate change and religious conservatism
Feminism co-opted?
Feminism and climate change
Double jeopardy: a feminist take on conflict
Women’s rights and the rise of religious extremism
4 You can keep a good woman down: power, politics, and privilege
Is the tide turning?
Women on top?
Unpaid care work: a feminist issue
Leaning in and leaning out
5 Violence against women: a never-ending epidemic
Keeping safe
Violence and patriarchal thinking
Silencing women
Online abuse: writing under my real name?
Feminist action for change
6 Taking back our bodies: a feminist project
Sexual objectification
‘I am not for sale’ the pressure to look perfect
Pornography: oppression or empowerment?
Beyond the margins – sex workers or prostitutes?
Reclaiming our bodies for ourselves
7 Growing up a feminist: changing attitudes
Being a girl, being a boy
Selling children a lie
Mental health is a feminist issue
Feminism, FGM and early marriage
Conclusion Changing the Future


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