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No-Nonsense Guide To World Poverty, 2nd Edition

By Jeremy Seabrook  

No-Nonsense Guide To World Poverty, 2nd Edition
  • Paperback / softback
  • EPUB

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Why are there so many people who are poor in a world that’s richer than ever before? Something must be wrong with conventional thinking about wealth and poverty. In this No-Nonsense Guide, Jeremy Seabrook summarizes his celebrated work on the meaning of poverty and draws on the experiences of people living in poverty all over the world.

Seabrook asserts that the relatively poor majority of the world’s people do not actually want to be rich - in fact, they want to be safe. Giving voice to those whose views are rarely sought, this guide shows that the answers to world poverty lie not in economic growth and wealth creation, but in a radical reframing of how much is “enough” for our daily needs.

Part of the No-Nonsense Guides series.

  • Paperback / softback, 144 pages
  • ISBN 9781897071359
  • Published October 2007
  • EPUB
  • ISBN 9781771130714
  • Published October 2007


For anyone who wants a lucid, factual, reliable guide to some of the most important issues of our time, I strongly recommend you check out the No-Nonsense Guides.

– Howard Zinn, social activist and author of a A People’s History of America

The No-Nonsense Guides are the most accessible and enjoyable means for people with hurried lives to find out how the world really works.

– George Monbiot, journalist, campaigner and author of Heat - How to Stop the Planet from Burning

A splendid new series of pocketable guides to issue politics…rigorously clear.

The Guardian, London, U.K.

The No-Nonsense Guides target those topics that a large army of voters cares about, but that politicos evade.

The Independent, London, U.K.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Invisible Poor
Chapter 2 Measuring Poverty
Chapter 3 Defining Poverty
Chapter 4 The Mechanisms of Impoverishment
Chapter 5 Wealth and Poverty
Chapter 6 Rescuing Self-Reliance
Chapter 7 Afterword
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

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